You know what I do, now let me show you WHY I do it.

Let’s take it back to where it all began.

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“Dance lessons start next Saturday Ravi, make sure you’re ready!”

That’s the last thing any 8-year old boy wants to hear.

My mum had just enrolled me into the same dance school as my little sister.

Petrified that my dirty little secret would be exposed to everybody in my class,

25 years later I have to confess,

That was the best decision my mum ever made!

Let’s take it back for a second to 1997 when my parents had decided to take our family on a once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania...

“Ravi, can you hold the camcorder for a sec?” my mum whispered as we sat in the back of an old and rusty jeep, ripping through the Serengeti National Park as if we owned the place!

In less than a minute, I had pressed record and was narrating our safari in my best David Attenborough voice.

The car erupted in laughter.

I was hooked.

There was no way my mum was getting her hands on that camcorder for the rest of our trip! 

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Growing up, I didn’t exactly get the grades worthy of a career in medicine or law...

And as much as that’s crushing for any Indian parent to hear haha, one thing was for sure…

I excelled where others didn’t…

The stage.

But here’s the problem when you’re a performer.

You become great at playing a character. 

And when you stumble into theatre as a teen (with zero acting experience), playing a character can expose you to the ultimate drug…

Admiration, applause and acceptance from those around you.

I was addicted.

And a new story had just been formed in my subconscious.

“In order to achieve what you desire in business and in life, you need to be somebody you’re not”

Business school in London, my time on the trading floor and everything in-between was all driven by this character I had carefully crafted...

Were those things fun?

Hell yeah!

But eventually I felt drained and out of alignment. 

What they don’t tell you about wearing a mask is, it’s exhausting being somebody you’re not 24/7.

I had forgotten what truly made me feel alive and had lost touch with what made me memorable and stand out in the first place.

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In August 2016, I decided to press eject and went on a journey to remove my mask and reclaim my story...

TV, speaking, coaching and leading B2B sales teams in the world of startups…

As I indulged in all of the above, one thing became crystal clear.

No matter what product or service I was selling…

Success and failure was dependent on my ability to communicate my value, story and solution in a memorable way.

Gradually, I began to wonder.

Why are do so many sales presentations and demos drown their prospect's with features they don't care about?

Why do so many salespeople feel petrified at the thought of bringing their true personality and authentic selves to the table?

And why does every sales team embed little to no storytelling inside of their sales process?

The very skill I had been devoted to mastering at such a young age was about to become my ticket to having the impact I desired.

I was ready to take off my mask and help people just like you capture their customer’s attention, build trust and sell more with story.

Looking back at all the different moments in my life…

Not letting go of that camcorder in Tanzania…

Being thrown into dance school as an 8-year old…

My obsession for theatre as a teen.

Every single experience had secretly been preparing me for the problems I solve today.

Helping B2B sales teams ditch the pitch and become better communicators so they get their solution in the hands of those that need it the most. 

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So you heard how my story started, let me tell you how it’s going...

I live just outside of London with my wife Sophie and our dog Nellie, my favourite movie of all time is Limitless and I have an unhealthy obsession with my favourite comedian of all time, Kevin Hart!

The best thing is, I’m just getting started...

Whether i’m speaking, consulting or hosting my podcast…

My mission remains the same.

Helping you sell more by unlocking the power of story.

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Image by Manik Roy

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P.S. The day my unborn child hits 8 years old…you best believe they’re being enrolled into dance school!