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One Habit You Didn't Know Could Make You An Influential Communicator

In a world obsessed with hacks, gimmicks and shortcuts, the truth is, that anything worth having takes (intentional) work.

Thoughtful friendships.

Radiant health.

An uplifting career.

Spiritual alignment.

A thriving marriage...

All of these things take intentional work.

Oh, and did I mention the same goes for communicating with influence?

But here's the problem, when it comes to learning this specific skill...

All I see is content that solely focuses on strategies and frameworks.

Whilst that's extremely helpful, here's what's missed 99% of the time:

#1 How can you authentically "pause" in a presentation if you secretly struggle with being comfortable in your own skin?

#2 How can you ask your boss for a pay rise if you secretly believe you aren't worthy of success?

#3 How can you communicate how you truly feel if you're secretly a people pleaser?

See where I'm going with this?

As Michael Beckwith once said:

"The Universe doesn't give you what you want, it gives you who you are"


If you want to get more of what you want in life, you need to upgrade your identity.

Doing the inner work in combination with learning impactful communication strategies is how you'll achieve your definition of success.

In today's newsletter, we're going to uncover one habit that recently helped me upgrade my identity and why it matters to you on your journey of becoming an influential communicator.

Let's get it!

My relationship with the cold

"Maybe I should try this cold exposure thing, I've heard it's good for you..."

Ever said that to yourself?

Don't lie to me now, haha!

Unless you've been living under a rock, the past year or two has seen social media become obsessed with the viral trend of cold exposure.

Cryotherapy - I've dabbled with it, but it never sat right with my body.

Cold showers - mehhhh.

Cold plunging - now we're talking!

But here's the problem.

I HATE the cold weather.

Or rather, that's the story I've told myself for as long as I can remember.

The question is, is this story true?

Let the journey commence

"I'd like to start cold plunging...".

That's what I began telling myself in 2023.

Do you see the problem with this statement?

It lacks certainty.

"I am somebody who cold plunges."

See the difference between the two?

I can and my subconscious did.

See, when it comes to upgrading one's identity...

I like to think about questions like:

  1. What will the next version of myself no longer tolerate?

  2. What behaviours will the next version of myself engage in?

  3. What stories will the next version of myself tell himself?

Doing an inner inquiry and sitting with these questions gives us a powerful insight into:

  1. Who we are today

  2. Who we want to become

  3. The gap between these two identities

My job was to acknowledge the gap, understand the magnitude of it and close it.

Here's where the dilemma lies...

In September 2023, I realised that the next version of me is somebody who uses cold plunging and its benefits to achieve his version of excellence.

I needed to make my future self proud.

The new narrative: I am somebody who cold plunges.

Next stop: Ordering a cheap cold plunge from Amazon

The moment it came, I quietly slid the package into my office and let it gather dust for weeks.

Fear had reared its ugly head.

But on one fine day in October, enough was enough.

I was sick and tired of negotiating with myself.

It was time to ignite change.

I was ready.

From that day onwards...

I began deliberate, gradual and intentional cold plunging.

My first-ever plunge was at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nothing to shout about, but I still remember the moment I hopped out...

I felt like a superhero dammit haha!

From that moment on, I knew a transformation was brewing.

The story I had told myself, my entire life, was beginning to show cracks.


The more I plunged, the more evidence I collected for my new-found story.

The more I plunged, the more I proved myself right about my ability to do hard things.

The more I plunged, the more I began to stack the promises I kept to myself.

Fast forward to today...

I consistently and regularly cold plunge with temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's a habit I've developed a true love for and I don't see myself going back.

I'm officially a junkie

The benefits of cold plunging started with my immunity, energy and levels of dopamine.

However, I can safely say they have leaked into every area of my life.

But more importantly...

It's cemented a habit that a previous version of myself wasn't capable of embodying.

Can you imagine the subtle shifts that occur when you begin operating as the person you're becoming?

Things like your:

  1. Body language

  2. Presence

  3. Aura

  4. Non-verbal cues

  5. Charisma

  6. Posture

  7. Confidence

  8. Energy

  9. Active listening

... all begin to map towards the next version of you!

As Dr Joe Dispenza says:

"Your personality creates your personal reality. Change your personality and you change your personal reality"

All in all...

I am no health expert...

And cold plunging doesn't have to be your thang!

But, I want today's release to inspire you to find your version of cold plunging.

Meaning, what's ONE thing you've been secretly avoiding that you know will pull you into the next version of you?

In the next 24 hours, your mission is to DO IT.


So you can begin to collect the positive evidence you need to tell yourself a story that truly serves you.


An upgraded identity + powerful communication strategies = more of what you want in life.

I'll see you next week homie...

Much love!


P.S. Whenever you're ready, here is 1 way I can support you:

1. [B2B SALES TEAMS & ORGANIZATIONS ONLY] Book me for a storytelling keynote or workshop: Whether it's in person or virtual, to an intimate audience or a room full of thousands, learn more about how your audience can become influential storytellers at your next sales kickoff, offsite or conference.

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