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1 Overlooked Strategy For Mental Clarity in 2024

The silent epidemic

Imagine this...

It's 6:54am on a wet Tuesday morning.

You're curled up in bed, hugging your sheets and praying for an extra 6 mins of shut-eye.

But your mind has other plans.

You reach over to your phone and deliberate your weapon of choice...




Your thumb hovers over the blue LinkedIn logo and boom... you're in!

Suddenly, you're inundated with opinions, narratives and perspectives.

Unknowingly, you begin to drown out your inner voice and play the comparison game:

"... maybe I should start posting twice per day on LinkedIn ..."

"... maybe I should ask for a pay rise or just move company..."

"... maybe I should shift my business model entirely..."

The result?

  1. Shiny object syndrome

  2. Resentment

  3. Foggy mental clarity

The long-term impact?

A life of misalignment.

This is the silent epidemic damaging all of us behind closed doors...

Let's do something about it!

In today's release of The Influential Communicator, I'll be sharing one strategy to help you gain the mental clarity you deserve in 2024 (and beyond).

My "Solo Alignment Day"

Back in the 1980s, Bill Gates introduced something into his life called "The Think Week".

The idea was to seclude himself from his day-to-day reality so he could create the space to reset, read and learn.

The outcome?

Creativity, strategic planning and high mental clarity.

As I get ready for a busy Q1 in 2024...

I'll be taking a leaf out of Bill's playbook and creating my own "Solo Alignment Day" in the first week of January.

(Not a full week, but it works for me).

Whilst I'm not one for New Year's resolutions and rituals...

I LOVE the idea of doing an intentional check-in to answer the following question:

Am I leading a life of alignment?

Here are 5 example questions I'll be asking myself to uncover exactly that.

Let's get into it...

Embodying my version of excellence in this chapter of my story requires me to do one thing:​Fill up my cup with T.R.U.S.T:​​

T - Transformative friendships​​

R - Radiant health​​

U - Uplifting career​​

S - Spiritual alignment​​

T - Thriving family

My 5 starter questions sit within each of these buckets:

Qu.1 - T (Transformative friendships):

You've just received a piece of exciting news that could change your life, who are the 3 - 5 people you would tell first and on a scale of 1 - 10, how (genuinely) happy would they be for you?

Qu.2 - R (Radiant health):

What's one behaviour you're engaging in within the first 15 minutes of your day that's secretly crushing your mental or physical health and what behaviour will you now engage in to prevent that from occurring again?

Qu.3 - U (Uplifting career):

Write down one consistent story you've told yourself in the last 12 months that's unknowingly held you back and what is the positive reframe?

Qu.4 - S (Spiritual alignment):

Write down one "negative experience" you faced in the last 12 months that unknowingly gave you priceless learnings (for which your future self will thank you for)?

Qu.5 - T (Thriving family):

What's one surprise you can give somebody you love in the next 7 days that will make them feel truly seen and heard (without spending a penny/cent)?


In reality, I will ask myself more than 5 questions on my "Solo Alignment Day", however, these 5 will be my starting point.

They will ignite greater thought and reflection as I go deeper into every area of my life.

Whether you can commit a full day, hour or 10 minutes...

I hope today's release inspires you to ask yourself some difficult questions.

After all, that's where growth lies.

Much love people!

See ya next week.


P.S. Whenever you're ready, here is 1 way I can support you:

1. [B2B SALES TEAMS & ORGANIZATIONS ONLY] Book me for a storytelling keynote or workshop: Whether it's in person or virtual, to an intimate audience or a room full of thousands, learn more about how your audience can become influential storytellers at your next sales kickoff, offsite or conference.

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