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THE A.S.I. Framework: how to give genuine a genuine compliment

Imagine this...

Your friend, Sarah, has just delivered a make-or-break speech.

A 2,000-person audience, a high-stakes environment and the most coveted slot of the evening.

She runs up to you with a warm smile, opens her arms and leans in for a hug...

"So, what do you think... how did I do?" she whispers with excitement in your left ear.

The truth is, she nailed it.

She knows it. You know it. And the audience which gave her a standing ovation knows it.

You look back at her with a warm mile and say, "... that was great!"

A harmless, throwaway comment, right?

Here's the problem...

She will hear the EXACT same words from hundreds of people that evening.

Kinda sucks, right?

In the most important speech of your friend's life, you want to make her feel seen and understood...

Not sound like Cathy, her awkward frenemy at work!

In this week's release of The Influential Communicator Newsletter, I will help you unlock one simple framework for giving genuine and meaningful compliments.

Let's get it.

The A.S.I. Framework For Giving Compliments

Compliments can give people that warm fuzzy feeling.

However, you have to be careful.

Too vague and it can feel like a throw-away comment.

Too invasive and you'll look creepy.

Too contrived and you'll come across as fake.

To communicate with charisma and give genuine compliments that make people feel seen, you need to unlock the A.S.I. Framework:

  1. Authenticity - lead with a believable and descriptive observation

  2. Specificity - insert a specific example to support your observation

  3. Impact - explain the personal impact on you

Let's walk through an example.


Let's take it back to Sarah's speech.

Our original example:

"... that was great!"

Vanilla, predictable and unintentional, right?

Using the A.S.I. Framework, try this new example for size:

Authenticity: "Sarah, that was the most inspirational speech I've ever heard you give...

Specificity: The story you shared in the first 3 minutes about losing 97% of your customers at the start of the pandemic was unfathomable.

Impact: You've made me think

about not putting all of my eggs in one basket with my own business... thank you!"

Do you see the difference when we structure a compliment in this way?

This is where true connection lies.

Whether it's in your personal or professional life, genuine compliments are an incredible way to build rapport, display charisma and acknowledge somebody for their superpower!


Remember, it's not just about what you say, but how you say it.

A warm delivery, with a ​"Duchenne smile"​ and a genuine tone, is everything!

I'll see ya next week homie.

Much love,


P.S. Whenever you're ready, here's how we can support you:

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