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3 Quotes That'll Transform Your Public Speaking

Here's the thing...

Being an impactful public speaker can change your life.

It can help you sell yourself in an interview.

It can help you deliver presentations that land new business.

It can help you pitch new ideas which get you that promotion...

And I'm literally scratching the surface!

But there's a problem.

Even though we can all agree on the importance of public speaking...

This stuff isn't taught in schools.

Did you ever receive any classes you loved on communication, storytelling and public speaking back in the day?

Nope, nor did I.

And this BLOWS my mind!

The issue is, it can lead to limiting beliefs about public speaking that don't serve us.

For example:

"Public speaking is reserved for extroverts!"

"Great public speaking... you're either born with it, or you're not!"

"Public speaking is all about being somebody you're not!"

I've heard every single one of these statements from people's mouths...

And I don't subscribe to any of them.

If we're not careful, the stories we tell ourselves can secretly suffocate our success.

In today's newsletter, I'm going to share with you 3 quotes that will transform your mindset and relationships with public speaking, for good.

Transformational Quote #1

"Your story shouldn't give you significance, it should give your audience significance." ~ Yahya Bakkar

I love this quote.

And I'll take it one step further.

The stories you tell aren't designed to make you LOOK significant...

They're designed to make your audience FEEL significant.

Think about it like this...

How often have you listened to a presentation where the speaker spends the first few minutes blowing their own trumpet?

It sucks, right?

The truth is, nobody cares about your accolades, awards and achievements.

People care about one thing and one thing only.

Themselves and how you can solve their problem.

As a result, the stories we share should:

  1. Spark an emotion

  2. Challenge a perspective or belief system

  3. Ignite change by inspiring action

The more comfortable we get with this, the more impactful our stories become.

And the better your stories become, the more influential you will be as a public speaker.

Transformational Quote #2

"There are two types of public speakers in the world: Those that are nervous and those that are liars." ~ Mark Twain

Funny, right?

What our homeboy Mark is trying to say, is that EVERYBODY gets anxious and nervous.

That's great.

But here's the problem...

Labels can be dangerous.

What one person calls nerves, another calls excitement.

Interestingly, research has widely found that the two emotions are almost identical on a physiological level.

An elevated heart rate, stomach butterflies and sweaty palms...

These are all specific symptoms that are a byproduct of our nervous system being aroused.

For me, the difference between the two lies in the label and the meaning we give them.

"I'm feeling so nervous before this presentation."


"I'm so excited for this presentation and it means I truly care about delivering value for the audience."

Which one do you feel would serve you best?

Remember, delivering a presentation has nothing to do with you...

But everything to do with being a vehicle for a message that could transform the people you want to serve.

Transformational Quote #3

"Your humanity is what makes you influential." ~ Josh Shipp

At the start of any presentation, the goal is to humanize yourself.

There's no better way to do that than through the art of storytelling.


Because we need people to see themselves in our pains, desires and transformation.

This is where true connection lies.

Trying to position yourself as a "superhero" is a one-way ticket to disconnection.


Because it makes you look "perfect".

And because perfection doesn't exist, you instantly become unrelatable.

Say goodbye to becoming your audience's trusted guide!

The good news is, we're ALL as messy, flawed and imperfect as they come.

The goal is to be seen as "Extraordinary" in the eyes of our audience, according to speaking coach Pat Quinn.

  1. "Extra" - somebody who has tangible learnings and takeaways from overcoming a relatable challenge.

  2. "Ordinary" - somebody who is flawed and human, just like you.

Your job is to find the perfect balance between the two in your next presentation.

This is how you become magnetic.

In summary

If you embody these 3 quotes...

They won't just make you a better speaker, communicator and storyteller.

But they'll make you a better human being.

If you allow it, this week's post could just have changed the trajectory of your career, business and life.

I'll see ya next week,

Much love!


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