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The "Magnetic Message": How To Explain What You Do In 13 Seconds Or Less

My feet are so flat, even a duck would have a good quack at them

I was the kid at school whose mum forced him to wear orthopaedic shoes with custom-made insoles.

But the moment my flippers stumbled onto the school bus...

They'd be met with a divine pair of black loafers that looked so damn beautiful...

Yet made my feet feel like they'd walked on fire at a Tony Robbins event.

Oh, the things we do for "fashion".

I digress.

Earlier last month, I decided to take a trip to the podiatrist.

My insoles needed a glam up and I put my trust in Ian.

He's a bald beauty, with infectious energy and incredible expertise.

20 mins into our chat he says...

"Ravi, it's been around 5 years since I saw you last...what do you do for work now?"

I paused.

At that moment, I gave a 13-second response that felt like I'd cast a spell.

Okay, I'm being extreme...

But my reply caught his attention, sparked curiosity and allowed for a meaningful conversation.

I call it the "Magnetic Message".

Today, I'm going to dissect my framework and give you all the goods to follow it.

What most people do

Ever asked an unprepared salesperson, entrepreneur or professional what they do or what their company does?

More often than not, it results in a long-winded, jargon-filled response that doesn't feel unique, memorable or human.

One word: predictable.

Understanding how to craft and deliver your very own "Magnetic Message", is the difference between blending in and standing out in a sea of sameness.

What I'm trying to say is...

In a world where attention is the modern-day currency, we need to learn how to steal it (in an ethical and influential way).

Let's get into it!

The solution

Taking it back to our friend Ian...

During our conversation, he mentioned he had 2 kiddos.

Ian also mentioned how the pandemic offered him the opportunity to be a present dad.

So, when he asked me what I do for work...

I wanted to share something relevant and connection-focused.

So I said this...

"So you know how parents tell their kids bedtime stories to get them to fall asleep? (Ian nodded)... Well, I teach B2B salespeople how to tell influential stories that inspire their buyers' to take action."

He tilted his head, smiled and was filled with interest.

"That's such a GREAT way of putting it..." he said as a meaningful conversation ensued.

All of a sudden, I felt smoother than Leo in The Great Gatsby.

Personal stories were exchanged and an unexplainable connection followed.

The idea is to create a pattern interruption, cut through the noise and spark curiosity through a relatable analogy. The outcome?

Inspiring someone's thirst for learning more about you and what you do.

Craft your script

Here's an example template for crafting your very own "Magnetic Message":

"So, you know how (insert analogy)... Well, I teach (insert the people you help) how to (insert method) that (insert outcome).

Let's dig deeper

Don't view this as a formula, see it as a guide.

Meaning, you aren't tied to the template...make it your own!

Just grasp the following 3 principles and you're good to go:

  1. Use an analogy that's industry-specific or universally relatable.

  2. Ensure the link to what your company does is watertight.

  3. Less is more.

Let's walk through another example.

I created this bad boy for a group of B2B salespeople at a tech company in San Francisco as a part of my Storyselling Bootcamp:

"So, you know how Blockbuster struggled to innovate, stay ahead of the competition and allowed Netflix to crush them? Well, we prevent Product Leaders from turning their company into the next Blockbuster..."

And just like that...

They were able to craft their very own "Magnetic Message" to deploy in their sales conversations.


The first time you try this, you'll probably drop the ball...

And that's okay.

This is different.

We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Plus, when it comes down to the delivery...

It's not just about what you say, but how you say it!

The goal is to be deliberate, slow and exude confidence.

Where does confidence come from?

An increase in one's competence.

Where does competence come from?

A disgusting amount of practice.

Action step

Priming: Take the template, make it your own and practice your delivery 50+ times until it sounds like you.

Training day: Test your "Magnetic Message" in your next low-stakes scenario.

Game day: When a high-stakes scenario arises, lean into your practice and go for gold.

As always, "leading with intention" is Batman and "applying context" is Robin.


"The Magnetic Message" is something I use and have taught with success.

It's subtle, simple and effective.

Try it and reply to this email letting me know what you think.

I'll see you next week my friend.

Much love!

Ravi Rajani

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